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Recycle Circuit Boards

Recycle Circuit Boards

Circuit boards are integral part of computers, laptops and other electronic devices like televisions, smart phones and desktop computer. These circuit boards contain precious material like copper, silver, gold and platinum. Throwing these devices into lands is not a right choice as they release toxic chemicals in the environment. Computer circuit boards recycling become mandatory to reduce pollution from the planet and recover valuable resources.

Computer Circuit Board Recycling

Computer circuit board recycling helps in recovering valuable metals like gold, copper, silver and platinum before discarding them. Typically, recycling involves in dismantling circuit boards. Later, you can separate those using different tools. Recycling helps in conserving natural resources by reducing the need of mining by reusing the recycled circuit boards.

Effects of Recycling Circuit Boards

Circuit board manufacturing requires the material of glass fibers, plastic and metals. These are valuable materials. If disposed of improperly, these materials can harm environment. If a circuit breaker is thrown into lands, it emits toxic chemicals like lead, mercury and cadmium which can leach into ground water and soil. Here are some of its effects.

  • Air Pollution

If circuit boards are throwing into landfills or incinerated, they emit toxic chemicals into air such as mercury, lead and cadmium which causes respiratory problems and other health related problems.

  • Water Pollution

The toxic chemicals can seep into ground water. They can contaminate water nearby. It increases water pollution and can pose a threat to human health and aquatic life.

  • Soil Pollution

Soil pollution because of circuit boards can be critical because they can contaminate our soil. It becomes difficult for wildlife and plants to grow.

The Process of Recycling Circuit Boards

The basic steps can help consumers know how to recycle circuit boards within no time. Follow these steps.

  1. Collection and Sorting

The e-wastes are collected from different sources like businesses, households, commercial shops, municipalities and offices. The person who purchases sorts them into different categories based on electronic devices. Sorting helps the person find out precious metals.

  1. Dismantling

Dismantling the electronic devices is mandatory and based on components, they are dismantled. Circuit boards, plastic casings, metal frames and wires are dismantled separately. The machines are used to separate different parts and manually removing them.

  1. Grinding and Shredding

Now, the separated pieces of circuit boards is shredded and ground into pieces for further process.

  1. Recovery of Precious Metals

Precious metals like copper, silver, gold, aluminium and gold are extracted from shredded pieces. The process of smelting, leaching and electrolysis are used to recover such metals.

Where to Recycle Circuit Boards?

Recycling circuit boards comes with many options and here are few to consider. Local recycling centers can play vital role in covering electronic wastes including circuit boards. You can locate them through online locators. Moreover, electronics retailers can also purchase wastes as they carry recycling programs to play their part in saving the environment.


Recycling circuit board is mandatory because e-waste can damage not only soil but also air and water. So, recycling helps in saving precious natural resources.

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