ISO 28000 Certification in Singapore , Manila, Penang

The standard for Supply Chain Management minimizes the risk of security during shipments right through transit, storage and dispatch.

ISO 28000:2007 is a management system standard which has been developed specifically for logistics companies and organisations that manage supply chain operations. GQS Singapore becomes the first consulting company to use Risk assessment based on the ISO 31000-2018 version from 2020.

ISO 28000:2007 is suitable for all sizes and types of organizations involved in manufacturing, service, storage or transportation that wish to implement and maintain a supply chain security management system.

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Online and remote ISO 28000 Consultancy, Online and remote ISO 28000 Certification for the year 2020,

Online and remote CPTAT, SCAN Consultancy, Online and remote CPTAT, SCAN Trainings / Certification for the year 2020. This service will be reviewed and continued / discontinued depending upon the COVID-19 situation and Government notifications.

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