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APPROVED BY SERI (USA) AS CONSULTANTS GQS SINGAPORE is the first consultant in Singapore to start R2 Responsible recycling certification and consultant service in Singapore .

With the presence of harmful elements in Electronic waste Singapore always has been in the forefront of reducing harmful effects of these Focus material (FM)

With proper FM Plan, documentation and implementation it is very interesting to note that downstream vendors would also effectively implement the requirements of R2 Responsible recycling certification in Singapore.

From registering in R2 Solutions until the certification to R2 recycling by an SERI approved and ANAB accredited certifying body, GQS Singapore consultancy  shall take complete responsibility for successful implementation and certification.

The requirements on Focus material, Access control, Control on Downstream vendors, Educating vendors, Creating awareness in interested parties, Packing process, Disposal process are addressed in the complete implementation of R2 Certification.

With excellent track record in implementing r2 Responsible recycling standard requirements, we are very confident to implement the standards with guaranteed success rate for r2 certification.

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