R2 Responsible recycling

R2 – Responsible Recycling Certification

Safe and effective R2 certification and recovery advancement of electronic equipment and materials are of utmost importance for every business. It has also become relevant in today’s scenario to minimize environmental and public health risks during the manufacturing process.

R2 Responsible Recycling Certification will also be greatly benefitted in the demonstration acquiescence with domestic and international laws. Moreover, minimizing liability and support in reducing the insurance cost will be another benefit for recyclers through the specific certification.

‘GQS, Singapore’ will provide the R2 certification through a wide recycling management system for your enterprise. When you become a partner of GQS Singapore for your certification, you’ll have a great advantage to connect with a global leading service provider of audit and certification especially in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Brunei and Myanmar like countries.

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