ISO 27001:2013 Certification, ISO 27001:2013 Consultancy

ISO 27001 Certification in Singapore 

ISO 27001 certification in Singapore is the most preferred International Standard developed by ISO to demonstrate effective implementation of information security management. It gives organizations the necessities for Information Security controls (ISMS) and serves organizations large and small, in both public and private sectors, in manufacturing and services.

ISO 27001 can institute an outline for industrial hubs; money-making, institutional, and governmental facilities; and entire firms to manage their Information Security efficiency.

Due to poor security controls, more than 20% of vulnerable companies are getting hacked by unknown sources leading to information breach. These information breaches leads to severe damage to reputation and financial risks.

The ISO 27001 certification in Singapore provides an outline to demonstrate compliance with applicable statutory and regulatory Information Security requirements. By complying to the ISO 27001 certificate in Singapore , an ISO 27001 certification company ensures that their ISMS system meets all the controls established to prove an effective ISMS.

GQS has wide experience in implementing IEC 27001 certification in Manufacturing companies, cheque printing companies, Asset recovery companies, construction companies, Banking companies, Insurance companies, IT Companies and a whole lot of service sectors located in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Maldives, Philippines.

The ISO 27001 consultancy in Singapore process includes

  1. Preparation of Statement of applicability
  2. Training on Risk assessment based on ISO 31000:2018
  3. Preparation of Risk assessment on ISO 31000:2018
  4. Identifying of Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability for each of the Asset classification
  5. Support in implementing 114 Controls required by the ISO 27001 standard
  6. Preparation of ISMS Security manual
  7. Support in Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration test.
  8. Conducting Internal audit
  9. Conducting Management Review meeting.
  10. Support during Certification audit.

Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification in Singapore

ISO 27001certification offers numerous benefits to organizations, including

Enhanced Credibility Certification demonstrates a commitment to security, enhancing trust with customers and stakeholders.

Regulatory Compliance Alignment with ISO 27001 standards helps organizations meets regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA and PCI.

Effective Risk Management The ISMS framework provides a structured approach to identifying, assessing, and managing risks.

Data Protection Implementation of security controls safeguards sensitive information from unauthorized access or disclosure.

Competitive Advantage Certification sets organizations apart in the market, signaling their dedication to data security and compliance.

Maintaining ISO 27001 Certification in Singapore 

Maintaining ISO 27001certification requires ongoing commitment and diligence:

– Regular Monitoring and Risk Assessments: Continuous monitoring of the ISMS and conducting annual risk assessments help identify emerging threats.

– Internal Audits and Corrective Actions: Regular internal audits and timely corrective actions ensure that the ISMS remain effective and compliant.

– Annual Surveillance Audits: Annual surveillance audits by external auditors verify ongoing compliance with ISO 27001 standards.

– Periodic Review and Improvement: Periodic review of the ISMS allows organizations to identify areas for improvement and enhance overall security posture.

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