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GQS: Going Green with EcoVadis Certification

GQS Going Green with EcoVadis Certification

Ever since the customer awareness towards the depleting resources rose, people are gradually becoming cautious about what they purchase. Consumers are going beyond mere product characteristics in an endeavour to determine a company’s stewardship more so its willingness to uphold sustainability through appropriate procurement methods and production processes. This is where certifications such as EcoVadis fill the gap of being able to represent a company’s willingness to ensure sufficient environmental and social responsibility. Check outGQS, an organization that you may have known foritsever-developing ISO certifications and a great cause to ultimate mankind, is embracing a greener world through EcoVadis certification.
Any company striving for excellence and quality standards, just a single certification won’t help the firm its purpose. With ever increasing competitions and the race towards certifications to stand out of the crowd, we always need to stay one step ahead of the entire community striving for the same service, and this is where, GQS can stand out easily ahead. The EcoVadis certification assures it, and clients like it, that GQS is actively managing its environmental footprint. It’s a win-win situation, ensuring top-notch service while minimizing environmental harm.

What is EcoVadis Certification?

EcoVadis is a globally recognized sustainability rating platform. It assesses a company’s performance across four key pillars:

  • Environment: This evaluates GQS’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, managing waste effectively, and implementing sustainable resource consumption practices throughout its operations.
  • Labor & Human Rights: This analyses GQS’s adherence to fair labour practices, ensuring worker safety, and upholding human rights throughout its supply chain.
  • Ethics: This assesses GQS’s commitment to ethical business conduct, including anti-corruption measures and responsible sourcing practices.
  • Sustainable Procurement: This evaluates GQS’s approach to selecting suppliers who share their sustainability values.

Why Pursue EcoVadis Certification?

The benefits of EcoVadis certification are far-reaching. A few of them are listed below:

  • Enhanced Brand Reputation:EcoVadis certification acts as a credible third-party endorsement of GQS’s sustainability efforts, attracting eco-conscious customers and investors who value environmental responsibility.
  • Stronger Supplier Relationships: By encouraging sustainable practices among suppliers, GQS can mitigate environmental and social risks within its supply chain, fostering stronger and more trusted partnerships.
  • Improved Market Access: Many large corporations require their partners to hold EcoVadis certification, opening doors to new business opportunities for GQS.
  • Cost Savings:EcoVadis certification can help GQS identify areas for resource optimization, potentially leading to cost savings in energy consumption and waste management.
  • A Competitive Edge: In a crowded marketplace, EcoVadis certification can differentiate GQS from its competitors, showcasing its commitment to a sustainable future.


The assessment process includes the availability of a detailed questionnaire corresponding to GQS’s industry, company’s size, and geographic location. Subsequently, the EcoVadis analysts check the declared data along with documentation to ensure the data’s accuracy. The team provides the companies with a scorecard that shows their sustainability rating, where the rating can range from Gold to Bronze; this is in addition to efforts that are recommended for improvement.

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