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Ecovadis Certification – A Comprehensive sustainability tool for your organization

Ecovadis certification

Ecovadis is a collaborative platform that is used to measure the sustainability management system of a company. The Ecovadis certification is available to all the companies and suppliers and this is exceptional for companies manufacturing tobacco products, mining and coal, and manufacture of air and spacecraft industry.

Access the private and public companies on social, ethical and environmental impacts:

The Ecovadis certification process involves 5 steps and this certification also helps to measure the sustainability via 21 criteria on 4 key performances. The criteria focused performance areas include:

Environment: Helps to access the impact from the production process, impact from product use and end-of-life of production processes too.

Labor and human rights: This includes the human resource management and human rights including diversity and discrimination.

Ethics: It includes corruption, anti-competitive practices, and information management responsibility.

Sustainable procurement: The social practices and supplier environment are included under this performance area.

In addition to this, there are also 7 Ecovadis founding principles including evidence-based, industry and location, diversification of sources, technology, assessment by international sustainability experts, traceability and transparency, and excellence through continuous improvement.

The importance of Ecovadis certification:

Theobjectives of Ecovadis certification include continuous improvement, transparency, and collaboration and risk reduction. Hence the importance of certification is also defined on the same criteria. This is a valuable tool that helps for assessing and improving companies’ CSR performance.

Ecovadis certification standard helps customers, business partners and investors to make sure that their organization takes all sort of environmental, social and ethical responsibilities in a serious note! Having said – This certification promotes a more responsible and sustainable practice in the global supply chain.

Steps to get Ecovadis certification:

The companies follow certain methodological assessment to attain the Ecovadis certification and this will help them to measure their performance in terms of social and environmental responsibility. Some of the key steps include:

  1. Registration and submission of information –Firstly, the company who is applying must have to register on the Ecovadis online platform. Then, they will get a detailed questionnaire with several sections related to CSR practices.
  2. Examination of documentation – Once the questionnaire is completed; all the supporting documents must also be requested for an in-depth documentary analysis. In this step, all the relevant information and the compliance of company with the criteria are measured from the Ecovadis.
  3. Scoring – From the above collected information, there will be an overall score assigned on a scale of 100 points and the scoring will cover key areas like; environment, social, ethics, and supply chain.
  4. Assessment report – The Ecovadis provides a detailed assessment report for each company and this report will talk about the recommendations to improve the CSR performance.
  5. Certification – Once the score is attained, attaining the Ecovadis certification is a rigorous process and there will be transparency throughout the stakeholders for sustainable development.

Reason to get certified through Ecovadis from Global Quality Services:

As the Ecovadis certificationprocess brings a lot of benefits to an organization, you can also achieve some additional benefits by achieving the certification via Global Quality Services. We provide you a better understanding of your organizations’ environmental management system to increase the stakeholders’ trust. You will be able to gain legitimacy with the Ecovadis certification and you can get better insights into the material issues specific to one’s organization.

The Ecovadis certifications are also available in multiple languages, and the Ecovadis certified companies can achieve the detailed insights for compliance and improved acceleration for your sustainability journey with Global Quality Services.

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