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SS 587 Certification – All about End of life of ICT equipments in Singapore

ss 587 certification

Not a new standard though, published in 2013 this standard is applicable for Recycling industries in Singapore. Avail 70-80% Grant from EDG for implementation and certification costs..!

The SS 587: 2013 certification is primarily meant for the management of end-of-life ICT equipment. This equipment will enable all the organizations to manage their information and communication technology as in ICT. They won’t take the size, location, and the nature of their business into consideration to manage these things.

Into the circle that points out all the organizations, including SME and the large and multi-national companies as well:

  • Reuse
  • Repair
  • Remanufacturing
  • Salvage
  • Material recovery
  • Responsible recovery

But what does it encompass?

The SS 587: 2013 standard will create awareness about the organizations’ corporate responsibility and by the way the irresponsible disposal of the ICT equipment.  This is a new voluntary Singapore standard that helps in the management of end of life ICT equipment. This certifiable management system standard will align with the appropriate system standards as in ISO 14001 which is an environmental management system standard and it involves the continual improvement approach as well.

How GQS can assist you in this process?

GQS Singapore will develop this environmental policy and enhances the corporate reputation by implementing the same. The SS 587 standard will help you to recover more value from the equipment and we will review all the compliance based on the PDCA approach for better continual improvement processes.

Eligible people to certify the SS 587: 2013 standard:

You can avail the Grant and certification….

  • If you are a SME already certified to R2 Responsible recycling R2 Version 3 although R2 is not a pre-requisite this will only help to build a strong integrated system
  • If you are a large enterprise into Electronic recycling in Singapore
  • If you are an organization using ICT equipment in daily operations and wish to recycle your electronic waste

The SS 887 certificate enables all the organization regardless of the size, location and the nature of business to manage the ICT equipment in the most socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Process approach

The SS 587: 2013 is a completely standardized approach based on the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) and this enables the businesses to monitor and review the processes continuously with the aim of improving the activities associated to end-of-life ICT equipment management.

As a beginning, your organisation need to demonstrate the management commitment by defining the roles, responsibilities and the authorities. An effective planning will help you to establish the objectives and targets in the most defined manner. Throughout the cycle of PDCA, the performance is monitored and measured and as a result your organisation can implement the processes to manage the end-of-life ICT equipment.

What is the scope?

The scope of ICT equipment that is circled within the SS 587: 2013 standards include personal computers (PC’s), mobile phones and devices, printers and peripherals, CRT monitors, LCD monitors, and the LED monitors as well.

Encompassing all these ICT equipments and being an SS 587: 2013 certified with Global Quality Services, you can enhance your corporate reputation and recover more value from the equipment.

Achieve the SS 587 certification with GQS in an effective manner by SCMC approved R2 Consultant in Singapore.

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