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Reman electronic recycling facility Starts R2 Version 3 Certification Project

Reman Starts R2 Version 3 Certification Project

R2 Version3 in Singapore had been released in July 2020 by Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI), which is the second significant correction or renovation of the R2 Practices since 2013, when the principal modification was delivered. As per the R2 adaptation 3.0 documentation (SERI, 2020: The R2 Standard by SERI Version 3 (R2v3)), R2 certificate  in Ang Mo Kio can help IT resource administrators, purchasers of IT resource obliteration, revamping and remarketing administrations, and recyclers to build up certainty on the supportable and safe administration of utilized hardware gear. Further, ITAD organizations having R2v3 confirmation are in a more grounded position to guarantee clients of the adequacy of their information annihilation rehearses.  Greentech Reeman  has signed with GQS to implement R2 Version 3 at their facility. This recycling facility was the first in Asia to be certified to R2 Version 3.

Some of the R2V3 Core Requirements are:

  • Scope: Scope orders an R2 Facility to decide and affirm the cycles, electronic gear, segment, and material streams oversaw.
  • EH&S Management System: It requires an R2 office to intermittently audit and assesses related dangers of openness to perilous substances like mercury, lead, beryllium, cadmium, and so on
  • Legal and Other Necessities: This prerequisite in the R2v3 Standard spotlights on gathering consistency with the common laws for natural wellbeing, wellbeing, and information security concerning the handling, travel, and import or fare of electronic gear, parts, and materials.
  • Tracking the throughput According to this prerequisite region, a R2 Facility will record and deal with the throughput of all electronic gear, segments, and materials and keep sufficient documentation referencing the subtleties of the development of the multitude of electronic things.
  • Sorting and Processing: This region characterizes the necessity for evaluating, arranging, and classifying the electronic hardware according to the R2 Equipment Categorization reference. It additionally requires characterizing guidelines and standards considering if the segments can be reused premise their states of being and usefulness.
  • Data Security: This R2 Facility is needed to keep up with exclusive requirements of information security by guaranteeing the undeniable degrees of safety and disinfection of all information stockpiling gadgets dependent on the gadget type and information affectability. Meeting the R2v3 “Information Security” necessity is urgent for accomplishing protected and consistent information annihilation results
  • Focus Materials: This prerequisite is worried about the administration of on-location measures and the recruiting of e-reusing merchants to guarantee that the centre material going through the office doesn’t influence the wellbeing and security of laborers, general society, and the climate.
  • Facility Necessities: According to this necessity, the R2 Facility should measure and store electronic gear, segments, and materials in a lawfully agreeable way
  • Transport: This region indicates the guidelines for safe and legitimately agreeable transportation of electronic hardware, segments, and materials thinking about actual media and information security, laborers’ wellbeing and security, and natural effect.


  • Download the draft from the R2V3 standard library.
  • Begin EHSMS documentation to see R2v3 requirements.
  • Conduct training and implement EHSMS requirements
  • Conduct an internal audit(s), compliance estimation, a review based on input(s) from the internal audit
  • Contract with a Certification Body (CB)
  • Finish Stage I and Stage II audits, and address any subsequent nonconformities
  • Stage I: – On-site document review of your EHSMS.It assesses the willingness of the organization to move to Stage II.
  • Stage II: – It had been scheduled from 30 to 60 days after the Stage I audit and on-site audit of the whole EHSMS, and Any nonconformities can be resolved prior to the certificate issue time
  • The Certification will be issued.


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