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Focus Wireless Inc Achieves R2 V3 Certification with Support from Global Quality Services Pte Ltd

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Focus Wireless Inc, a prominent player in the testing and repair of mobile phones in the Philippines, has reached a significant milestone by obtaining certification to the R2 V3 (Responsible Recycling) standards. This achievement was made possible through the dedicated efforts of Global Quality Services Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based company approved by SERI (Sustainable Electronics Recycling International) as a consultant.

The Journey Towards Certification:

Focus Wireless Inc recognized the importance of responsible recycling practices in the mobile phone industry and sought to align their operations with the R2 V3 standards. However, navigating the complexities of the certification process proved challenging without the guidance of an experienced consultant.

Enter Global Quality Services Pte Ltd:

Global Quality Services Pte Ltd, an approved consultant by R2, stepped in as a trusted partner to assist Focus Wireless Inc in their journey towards R2 V3 certification. With their in-depth knowledge of the R2 standards and expertise in sustainable practices, Global Quality Services Pte Ltd played a pivotal role in ensuring a successful consulting engagement.

Expert Guidance and Consulting:

The consultants from Global Quality Services Pte Ltd provided Focus Wireless Inc with comprehensive guidance tailored to their specific needs. They conducted a thorough assessment of the company’s existing processes, identifying areas that required improvement to meet the stringent R2 V3 standards. Through their expert guidance, Global Quality Services Pte Ltd helped Focus Wireless Inc develop robust policies and procedures that aligned with the responsible recycling requirements.

Implementation and Compliance:

Once the necessary adjustments were identified, Global Quality Services Pte Ltd worked closely with Focus Wireless Inc to implement the recommended changes. They provided practical solutions and step-by-step guidance to ensure a seamless transition towards R2 V3 compliance. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence helped Focus Wireless Inc overcome obstacles and achieve the required standards.

Training and Empowerment:

In addition to the consulting support, Global Quality Services Pte Ltd conducted extensive training sessions for Focus Wireless Inc’s employees. These sessions aimed to enhance their understanding of responsible recycling practices, emphasizing the importance of compliance and sustainability. Through these trainings, the employees were equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to uphold the R2 V3 standards in their day-to-day operations.

Certification and Future Outlook:

With the assistance of Global Quality Services Pte Ltd, Focus Wireless Inc successfully achieved certification to the R2 V3 standards. This certification not only validates their commitment to responsible recycling practices but also enhances their reputation as an environmentally conscious organization.

Moving forward, Focus Wireless Inc is poised to make a positive impact on the mobile phone industry in the Philippines. By adhering to the R2 V3 standards, they are promoting sustainable practices and contributing to the global efforts of reducing electronic waste.

The collaboration between Focus Wireless Inc and Global Quality Services Pte Ltd highlights the significance of experienced consultants in navigating the complexities of certification processes. The successful achievement of R2 V3 certification by Focus Wireless Inc demonstrates their dedication to responsible recycling practices. Through their partnership with Global Quality Services Pte Ltd, Focus Wireless Inc has positioned itself as a leader in the industry, setting an example for others to follow in embracing sustainable electronics recycling practices.

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