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Why is IFS certification good for your business ?

International Featured Standards

Why is IFS certification good for your business?

International Featured Standards

What did you eat a while back? Was it safe? Whatever we know today about risk and safety about anything, it has come with a long line of contribution by people; who tested things since the Stone Age. Just like in the past a new berry was discovered left to be tested if it was safe to eat, there should be someone to test the safety of any product that is launched in the market today, isn’t it?

International Featured Standards (IFS) is one such standardized food and non-food evaluation system which provides risk-based assessment at an advanced level. It is a certification body with a consolidated audit process which saves them the time and money of the suppliers. It is a system where there is transparency in the broad supply chain which includes IFS food, IFS broker, and IFS logistics. It is an important and comparatively easy way for suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers to in still trust in consumers and easy for consumers and customers to select safety, as it has over 25 years of expertise in the food industry with experienced auditors and highly educated staff. It not only inspects but also lays interest in the food safety culture and continuous improvement in the on-going system. That is how we move forward as a society, from the Stone Age to this era and more.


The Global quality services assist you in the process of getting the  IFS Certification and we lead to make the process much easier with more clarification. Over time it has helped the developing countries increase their access to the international market. If you are from one such country, this is going to help you expand your business to the international level with enhanced customer confidence. It is a part of the human psyche to be hesitant to any form of foreign elements. When your product moves from your known area or nation to an unknown land, it becomes a kind of foreign element. The inhabitants there will treat your product as a part of a foreign element. And as you know there is always a notion of doubt and fear in their mind towards it, your product may not be a success there. However, you do not need to worry if there is someone who can ingrain that trust in them on your behalf. International Featured Standard certification is there to act like that “someone” to you. You can put yourself in their shoes and see how it looks.


Let us take an example, you are in a market and two sellers are selling similar products, you know one of them (not personally though) as you see that seller almost every day in the market selling the same product. While on the other hand there is one new seller with a similar product, which seemingly looks better but you are hesitant to buy from that seller as you are unsure of its quality. But if a person you know and respect a lot, comes and tells you that this new seller’s product is as good as/ better than the existing seller, you will be willing to buy from the new seller. IFS act as one such person who is internationally known and respected. Global quality services are the leading certification consulting firms in India and we help you with all the processes.


IFS certification is like a bridge, connecting manufacturers, producers, and sellers in developing countries to consumers in high-income markets. It has slowly encouraged and enhanced the participation of these countries in high-value global food markets. This certification acts as a communicating medium that helps consumers differentiate compare between quality and safety of different products which in turn helps the food processor and retailers develop competitive strategies. While there are other standard certifications available, IFS is one such certification ground which not only introduces you as a trustworthy producer among consumers but also helps you update your strategies, correct your errors and minimize loss and increase the possibility of profit by a large mark, by studying your whole structure in detail. It is not a standard system that will ask you to buy or bring systems or instruments which will fit the required standard, it is only a system that will tell you if your existing system fits the requirement, and if it does not fit, it will help you understand what minimal changes in the existing system can help you fit the requirement. Why the wait?

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