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What more about the R2 Responsible Recycling scheme? 

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What more about the R2 Responsible Recycling scheme? 

Responsible Recycling R2 SERI has emerged greatly in the past few years while the industry-wide standard is also spreading all over the world for controlling the disposal of e-waste. Getting R2 certification will teach you relevant practices and it will show the client your commitment to the protection of the planet. 

As a part of the comprehensive selection of certification GQS SINGAPORE is always committed to offer businesses to attain the R2 certification for the companies. We have highly professional services which are available to serve the customers in many countries such as Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, and regions such as Kuala Lumpur and Batam Islands

You can contact us through [email protected] where we’ll come back to you with our professional support. GQS SINGAPORE has highly trained auditors which are available to serve customers in many countries. Let’s improve the efficiency of your electronic refurbishment and recycling program for your business. 

We help our clients in SPRING Grant and if you want to check the feasibility of your project, we’ll also be available.


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