R2 Responsible recycling

What is the R2 certification exactly?

What is the R2 SERI certification exactly?

Choosing the best alternative for recycling old electronic devices is not an easy task at all. Your company may be a recycler down the street and it’ll take your obsolete technology equipment for free. Hence, the possibility to hire a certified e-waste recycling company increases and if your company cares about the environment, you should go with specifically certified recycler for sure. 

The actual meaning of the R2 certification is the company level certification by an R2 Technical Advisory Committee to overlook the same. With the help of this standard mentioned as Responsible Recycling practices for the implementation in Accredited Certification Programs for Electronics Recyclers. The R2 certification is designed for electronics recyclers. After conducting an audit by the certifying body, the company will receive a certificate from the specific body. 

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