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What is Anti Bribery Management System

Bribery Management System

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What is Anti Bribery Management System ABMS and steps to achieve ISO 37001 ABMS Certification ?

Unethical practices are common and this ISO 37001 standard helps organisation in to implement some of the best anti bribery practices to educate employees, stake holders, customers, vendors and other interested parties.
This system not only helps in creating a positive environment in the company but also projects a “fair practice” image to the outside world.

The journey from writing, preparing the team until certification lies with GQS..The critical ISO 37001, ISO 19600 certification steps are

1. ISO 37001 Manual, ISO 19600 Manual
2. ISO 37001, ISO 19600 Procedures
3. Conducting risk analysis based on Business risks, Reputation risks, Financial risks until educating all interested parties about ISO 37001 shall lie with our best ISO 37001 Anti bribery expert consultancy firm referring to the ISO 31000:2018 standards
4. Support in formation of Governing Body and Compliance function
5. Explaining the subtle difference between Bribery and Corruption although the verbatim “CORRUPTION” is seldom used in the ISO 37001 standard
6. Compliance to local and international regulations against Bribery / Corruption
7. Reference to the ISO 19600 Compliance management system standards whilst providing support for ISO 37001 ABMS consultancy and certification
8. Preparation, implementation of Whistle blower policy
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