R2 Responsible recycling

What is an R2 Certification?

An R2 Certification is an acronym form of Responsible Recycling Certification. The R2 Certification is greatly required for an organization or company to handle electronic waste efficiently. These norms will have a need for certified companies for a policy to greatly manage and end-of-life electronic devices & components solely reliable on tactics such as reuse, and energy renewal. For an electronic recycler to become an R2 certified, it must satisfy all necessities up to all norms under the R2 certification.  

Hence, a few elements related to the R2 practices will have great management of environmental sustainability. In this way, it can be deemed that electronic recyclers are greatly working to make sure they’re protecting the environment. Now, R2 recyclers will also have to incorporate the usual choice and command of downstream vendors. Moreover, other liabilities of R2 certified recyclers should the implementation of commonly accepted data destruction methods, functioning safety programs as well as display of financial responsibility. 

GQS Singapore providing the R2 Certification services to various countries such as Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, and regions especially Kuala Lumpur and Batam Islands. 

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