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SYH Singapore is R2 version 3 certified

R2v3 recycling standard: Everything you want to know about the migration to the latest Version 3

The electronics industry is continuing to evolve and the updated R2v3 standard will incorporate the experiences of SERI that is compiled from the audits and the implementation of R2 standard& Migration from the previous version of 2013 to the latest Version 3

“There is no such thing as away”

The reminder:

The R2v3 certification in Singapore will be issued only after the complete R2v3 audit process. This audit process includes the R2v3 audit, technical reviews related to the audit, and the closure of any other non-conformances.

What are the non-conformances?

The non-conformances may include a COP that requires a verification audit to be performed and in addition to that they expect to confirm the implementation and determination of the issuance of the certificate. If any additional steps are involved, then it might add some more time. Hence, you need to plan accordingly as per the needs.

Ready to begin the process?

Let’s talk about the core requirements of R2v3 Consultants in Ang Mo Kio which is span across the ten different areas as in ranging from the scope, responsible e-waste management, strategies, facility requirements, legal and many more.

Global Quality Services Singapore with its utmost professional ideas and experience has implemented the certification of “The sustainable electronics reuse and recycling (R2) standard v3” to the maximum number of R2 recyclers in Singapore. This certification is applicable including the downstream management, logical and physical data sanitization, and other areas as well. We will help you to understand about the latest sustainable requirements indicated in the R2v3 Certification in Tuas View Square.

EH&S management system:

The requirement is to maintain the certified environmental, health, safety; management system as in EHSMS  and this allows the planning, implementation, and monitoring for the same. There must be an R2 facility to constantly monitor the associated risks in it and to check if any hazardous substances are exposed to the environment.

Legal requirements

The R2v3 standard focuses on meeting the compliance associated to the laws for environmental safety, health and the data security as well. The data security is primarily concerned to process, transit, and export and import of the electronic equipments.

Focus materials

There is a requirement with the on-site processes as well and the hiring of e-waste recycling vendors also. This will ensure that the focus material that is passing the facility will not affect the workers or the staffs and also the public and environment by any means.

Data security

You need to meet the R2v3 data security requirement as this is considered as a crucial point for maintaining the safety and compliance related to data. This will help you to prevent from the data destruction outcomes. In the later version, the critical updates impacting the ITAD operations will also be included – as a part of data security requirement.

Responsible management strategies

This particular area specifies the need to manage the used and the lifetime of electronic equipment. This includes the components and the materials associated with it. The hierarchy maintained must include the management strategies that will prioritize the “Reuse, Recovery and Recycling”

Gearing from R2:2013 to R2v3?

Global Quality Services Singapore will provide you some tips to transit from the R2 to R2v3 versions and for that you need to check out for the SERI’s knowledge base for R2 guidance and knowledge which will also include the R2v3 transition plan, training, FAQ’s, some copies of the R2v3 standard and the new code of practices (COP). You can go through all these details for a perfect transition. If keen in applying for EDG / SPRING grant, please do let us know.

Achieving certification or transitioning to R2v3 !

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