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SPW Recycling facility Singapore Malaysia sign up for R2 Version 3

SPW Recycling facility Singapore Malaysia sign up for r2 version 3

SPW is an IT trusted Asset Management Partner. It is also known as Secure Data Destruction & IT Asset Lifecycle Solutions. It was founded in 2001. SPW’s excursion started very nearly 20 years prior. In those days, we saw a developing requirement for economical answers for information obliteration and reusing IT resources. Organizations searching for answers for their assests’ end-of-life were left arranging at unstable piece yards. High-hazard information was left available to all with industrially accessible measurable apparatuses.

They quoted that

We knew there are safer ways and economic techniques to tackling these issues. “

With expanding consciousness of the significance of information security, secure IT removals, and the appearance of new tech, we’ve chosen to put ourselves at the bleeding edge. Utilizing our worldwide organization of agent workplaces and accomplices, SPW developed to serve a rundown of a different demographic. This reaches from Fortune 500 organizations to neighbourhood networks and schools. Our involvement with IT Asset Disposals, Data Security, and Destruction has situated us to be the go-to ITAD cooperate with organizations all through Asia.

SPW IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) is the removal or retirement of IT resources. This is a critical piece of any IT Asset Management program. As an indispensable piece of any IT the board lifecycle, we completely comprehend the requirements of IT directors when dealing with end-of-life IT resources.

As the main supplier of ITAD administrations in the locale, we fuse the business’ best expectations of best practices to guarantee ecological and information security compliance. Our IT Asset Disposal administration offers bespoke answers for address key considerations. Our offices have the capacity to measure more than 500,000 resources each year.

SPW comprehends the difficulties that associations face when managing the removal of IT hardware, especially for undertakings that work in various nations and locales. Confronted with complex topographical, fundamental, and procedural factors, we will work intimately with you to tailor explicit answers to address your issues.

Some of the best practices were:

  • Information Security
  • Reformed Schedules
  • Evaluating and Validation
  • Decreased Overhead
  • Successive and Reporting
  • Characterized and Documented Procedures
  • Harmless to the ecosystem Disposal and Recycling


  • Audit and Inspection:

Whenever you’ve planned a meeting with one of our agents, we will work intimately with you on the accompanying:

  • Coordination and Decommissioning
  • IT Asset Audit
  • Cell phone Audit
  • Learning Security Risks and Procedures


  • Security Services:
  • When we’ve reviewed your IT resources, we would now be able to move to the safe decommissioning measure.
  • That incorporates making extra prudent strides.
  • We have security methods set up against dangers that may hurt your image’s standing.


  • Accreditation
  • We’ll supply you with full review reports and documentation.
  • This incorporates custom-made reports required by your Head of Departments.
  • You Should Finance or Compliance group need explicit agreements, we have that prepared as well.


  • Adaptive Green Solutions:

You can look over a scope of feasible and harmless to the ecosystem answers for your resigned IT resources. Here’s a model:

  • Reusing for ‘Past Economic Repair’ Equipment
  • IT Asset Remarketing
  • Representative Buyback Programs
  • IT Asset Donation and Deployment Programs

SPW Recycling with recycling facilities in Singapore and Malaysia had signed up with GQS to implement the R2 standards. SPW had also get accredited or got certified as ISO 9001: Quality Management System, ISO 14001: Effective Environmental Management System, and ISO 45001: Occupational Management System.

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