Responsible Recycling R2 SERI

Responsible Recycling R2 SERI

Responsible recycling R2 SERI Sustainable standards for reverse logistics of Electronic goods is perceived strongly globally and have the following advantages for certified facility
1. Enhanced market value
2. Societal benefits
3. Reduced Environment loads on mining
4. Enhances Social compliance
5. Enhances security aspects

GQS is the first to undergo the approval process in R2 Version 3 in Singapore and have been continuously been providing consultancy, training, advisory services to a lot of reverse logistics and recycling company in implementing R2.

Interested in R2 Version 3 advisory services, R2 Version 3 training, R2 Version 3 Certificaiton, SERI Registration, Information on R2 Certified facilities, R2 SERI Approved recyclers, R2 SERI Version 3 documentation support, R2 Version 3 Internal auditing drop an email to [email protected]

Recyclers, Smelters, Material recovery, Lithium Ion battery recyclers, Circuit board recovery companies across Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar can reach out to us to know more about expert services being offered.

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