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QC 080000-2017 HSPM Hazardous Substance Process management certification

QC 080000-2017 HSPM Hazardous Substance Process management certification singapore

QC 080000-2017 HSPM Hazardous Substance Process management certification

GQS Singapore has always been in the forefront of implementing EHS controls in various electronics and allied industries. With a mindset to reduce pollution and impact on humans due to the presence of harmful raw materials used in Electronic products and components, it is essential for all manufacturers, traders, testing labs and suppliers to know the harmful effect of these chemicals. These are also called as the Dirty dozen.

  1. Lead – Used in solder

2. Cadmium

3. Hexavalent chrome – normally used in plating of components.

4. Poly chlorinated bi phenyl ether PCBE – Flame retardants

5. PBDE Poly brominated bi phenyl ether PBDE – Flame retardants

6. Pthalates – used to soften plastic cables

7. Mercury – Used in BFL Burst Fluorescent  lamps

The above chemicals are either banned or restricted in various countries. Country specific regulations and compliances such as RoHS, WEEE Directives are used to control them since they have a long term effect on Environment and humans because of their carcinogenic reactions. The manufacturing, storage, handling and disposal of such Hazardous substances have to be controlled and managed using QC 080000 management system right from the Design phase.

GQS Singapore has the right experience in QC 080000 consulting expertise and is one of the few in Asia pacific to be leaders in the field of Electronics and related management system. The HSPM Hazardous substances Process management is based on the Quality management system ISO 9001, but with stringent requirements to control the Hazardous substances.

Organisations who are already certified to ISO 9001, Compliance to RoHS / WEEE can benefit from the process and would significantly reduce the time line for implementation and QC 080000 certification.

Located in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and wish to apply for IECQ QC 080000 certification, through trained and experience consultants,

drop an email to [email protected]. Avail ESG Grant for implementation of the standard subject to conditions set by ESG.


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