ISO 22301-2019 Certification

ISO 22301-2019 Steps for Certification Singapore Manila Batam


Steps for ISO 22301-2019 Certification :-

ISO 22301-2019 Standard Business Continuity Management System – BCMS needs the following steps to be prepared to enable achieve the certification

  • Details of legal, regulatory and other requirements (clause 4.2.2) – Companies need to comply to all these requirements.
  • Scope of the BCMS and explanation of exclusions (clause 4.3) – Prepare a ISO 22301 Scope document indicating the framework of operations
  • Business continuity policy (clause 5.2) – Prepare a BCMS Policy and communicate to all interested parties.
  • Business continuity objectives (clause 6.2) – Identify, Prepare and monitor SMART ISO 22301 objectives
  • Competencies of personnel (clause 7.2) – Identify, Monitor and review competencies needed for ISO 22301 BCMS Implementation.
  • Business continuity plans and procedures (clause 8.4) – i
  • Documented communication with interested parties (clause –prepare a communication matrix
  • Records of important information about the disruption, actions taken and decisions made (clause – Disruption records. No disruption does not mean that the ISO 22301 is effectively implemented. This could also mean that the Disruptions are not being recorded.
  • Data and results of monitoring and measurement (clause 9.1.1) –
  • Internal audit program (clause 9.2)
  • Results of internal audit (clause 9.2)
  • Results of management review (clause 9.3)
  • Nature of nonconformities and actions taken (clause 10.1)
  • Results of corrective actions (clause 10.1) – Corrective actions and the subtle difference between Occurrence and Recurrence of NC in BCMS ISO 22301-2019

Commonly used non-mandatory ISO 22301-2019 documents required for BCMS Implementation and certification

  • Procedure for identification of applicable legal and regulatory requirements (clause 4.2.2)
  • Implementation plan for achieving the business continuity objectives (clause 6.2)
  • Training Planner (clauses 7.2 and 7.3)
  • Procedure for control of documented information (clause 7.5)
  • Contracts and service level agreements (SLAs) with suppliers and outsourcing partners (clause 8.1)
  • Process for business impact analysis and risk assessment (clause 8.2.1) – NO PROCEDURE REQUIRED HOWEVER.
  • Results of business impact analysis (clause 8.2.2)
  • Results of risk assessment (clause 8.2.3)
  • Strategies and solutions for business continuity (clause 8.3.3)
  • Incident scenarios (clause 8.5)
  • Exercise and testing plans (clause 8.5)
  • Post-exercise reports (clause 8.5)
  • Results of post-incident review (clause 8.6)
  • Methods for monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation (clause 9.1.1)
  • Procedure for internal audit (clause 9.2)
  • Procedure for corrective action (clause 10.1)


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