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International Featured Standards – Ensuring Food Safety

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Shouldn’t we be a little extra careful when it comes to the food we consume? There are a lot of things to think about. The quality of the food, ingredient manufacturing conditions, the packing procedure of the food, storage unit hygiene, transportation conditions, and the list goes on. After all, it’s the most important aspect of our lives. We cannot just consume food that comes to us without us knowing what conditions it has been through. To get all this done, we have something called International Featured services shortly called IFS.

International featured services ensure to have the eight components of food and non-food standards which are set to ensure that we receive great quality packed or non-packed food. Although International Featured service doesn’t specify the process that food through but they normally change the benchmark and process conditions to ensure they meet the healthy food conditions. The international featured services are the key standard used in every part of the world. They aim to create a uniform and standardized measure against food suppliers and food retailers to achieve as much transparency about the food elements as possible. The three main standards of the international featured services are IFS food, IFS Broker, and IFS logistics. Where international featured services food is created for auditing food manufacturers and it is only used when the food comes as “processed” or it seems to be hazardous in some aspect. It goes through various steps to get verified like quality management system, resource management system, production management. International featured services broker was founded to complete the gap between production and distribution. To avoid malpractices during the production process this step was taken. The key objective of the international featured services broker is to ensure the complete transparency of the food manufacturing and a uniform way of estimating the food resources. Lastly, the international featured services logistics is created to ensure that the food is stored in hygienic conditions when the food has to reach its consumers through various means of transport. It also provides support when the package goes through various challenging aspects like oceans and above sea level. Therefore when a food package has an international featured services mark on it, it has gone through numerous filtration processes and is almost safe to use. There are various international featured services certifications available in India which takes care of the food certifications.

There can be no “best” ISO certification but there are a few services that could be relied on. Let’s start by talking about some leading international featured services certification bodies in India. Global Quality services is a leading testing and Certification Company in India and it’s nearly impossible to narrow it down to one organization because of various elements like the cost of the Certification, the product to be certified, the experience of the auditing process, and so on. But if it comes to choosing, Global quality services is the most reliable certification organization because of its experience in the certification field. Now, coming to the most reliable ISO consultant for certification, there are many other great consultants but GQS can be considered the better one based on reviews and customer satisfaction responses.

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