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Greentek Reman signs up with GQS for r2 responsible recycling of electronic equipments for Version 3 SERI R2 standards


As we move forward, we can see and sense growing involvement of electronics and IT equipment in our day-to-day life.

But, with the changing time, it has also become important to replace out electronics and IT assets, because of varied reasons, especially for organizations, to stay in the market.

But, as we replace these assets, proper disposition of the old ones, has also gained special attention.

Since, if not properly disposed, these assets can prove a major threat to environment, has its proper disposition is important.

That’s when R2 Certification Consultants in Singapore  comes into picture.

R2 & SERI –

R2 stands for Responsible Recycling, an international certification, launched in 2008 and available in five languages, specifically created for the electronics recycling industry by Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI).

SERI is an ANSI-accredited Standards Development Organization for the R2 standards.

R2 Certification Provisions –

R2 certification in Tuas View Square covers –

  • Environmental, Health and Safety Management Systems –
    All R2 certified Recyclers must have separate EHS Systems.
  • Reuse & Recover –

All certified recyclers must have a written pledge to prioritize Reuse & Recovery options before considering lesser desirable options like incineration & landfilling.

  • Legal Requirements –

Must adhere to proper legal requirements.

  • Tracking Throughput –
    Should keep proper track of throughput generated after disposition.
  • Data Destruction –
    Best practices for ensuring data-bearing devices be data-free through destruction and sanitization.
  • Storage –
    Proper storage of disposable devices.
  • Security –
    Implementation of proper security measures for disposable devices.

R2 Version 3 –

With the ever changing and fast growing and evolving electronics and IT industry, R2 standards and best practices needs to evolve as well.

Many changes incorporated in v3, are based on feedbacks received from customers, members of the industry and the public.

Hence, today’s R2 standards, are more powerful, better reflects today’s industry dynamics, and works even harder to protect data, people and the planet, while enriching lives all around the globe.

Key aspects of R2 v3 –

  • Increased Emphasis on Reuse and Protecting Data
  • Strengthened Requirements in key areas –
    Key areas like, data protection, managing flow of material through downstream vendors and environmental health and safety.
  • Clarified Requirements and Expectations –
    Added prescription in some areas to improve understanding and consistency of the expected outcomes.

To better reflect changing business models within the industry, R2 v3 is reorganized into 2 sections –

  1. Core Requirements –
    Applied to all R2 certified facilities.
  2. Specialty Process Requirements –
    Apply only to facilities that perform specific processes.

Greentek Reman & GQS –

Greentek Reman is one of the leading IT Asset Disposition & e-waste Management companies in India, providing IT Asset Disposition, Data Sanitization, Precious Metal Recovery, and Solar Panel Recycling & Equipment Destruction.

Global Quality Service (GQS), is a leading consulting firm in Singapore , providing ISO consultancy services in  Ang Mo Kio, Tuas View Square, Jalan Mesin , Kaki Bukit, Science Park ,kallang ,Woodlands, Dhobi Ghautto various clients across the country.

In a recent development, Greentek Reman has signed up with GQS for R2 v3 certification, focusing towards proper disposition and recycling of electronic equipment by various organizations, via R2 v3 certification.

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Services Offered :- Singapore, Australia, New Zealand , Penang, Batam , Hongkong, Manila, Batangas, Laguna, any location in Philippines, Maldives, Thailand, South Korea, Myanmar, Indonesia

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