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FSMA Food Safety Modernisation Act Certification

FSMA Singapore

Statute that explicitly recognizes the agencies to achieve public health – FSMA Singapore

The food safety modernization act (FSMA) in USA will enable all the people to involve into better protection of the public health, thereby strengthening the food system. FSMA applicable in Singapore builds a system of collaboration that is highly formal with the other government agencies including the domestic and foreign agencies.

Seven rules attached to FSMA:

  • Preventive control for human foods
  • Produce safety
  • Sanitary transport of food and feed
  • Foreign supplier verification
  • Third party verification
  • Intentional adulteration
  • Preventive control for animal food

The FDA committed to implement the best practices of food safety management and involves the implementation of requirements from all the stakeholders as an input. This is an act of 2011 and includes the most fundamental change to food safety regulations as FSMA  for over many years. These pages of dense litigation will summarize the BIGGEST CHANGE to food safety regulation USA.

Preventive controls of food safety plan:

The FSMA mandatorily highlights that all food facilities will implement the best food safety plan and the preventive controls include the evaluation of potential food safety hazards, steps and controls to prevent those hazards, it also includes the system to monitor the controls, routine records of the monitoring, and a recall plan.

Scope of FDA’s oversight – FSMA also expands its scope of oversight by increasing the frequency of inspections towards the food facilities, which will also include and are deemed to be of high risk. This will also allow the FDA access Singapore to the records and the food safety plans which are now considered to be important in all the food facilities.

Importers – The FSMA holds importers that are accountable for their foreign suppliers. The importers will verify to the FDA  that the foreign supplier will have an adequate preventive control measure pan in place.

So, what happens for the high risk imported foods?

For all the high risk imported foods, the FDA will demand a third party certification that will assure that the US safety standards are in compliance to the system. Also, the FDA must establish a program wherein the foreign food facilities are verified by the quality third parties – a quality check. 

Along with this comes the PCQI, which is a preventive control measure for human food rule, and the responsibilities of this rule as in the case of “preventive controls qualified individual” will include the functions that will oversee the preparation of food safety plan, validation of the preventive controls that are being taken, reviewing the records that are being submitted, and also reanalysing the food safety plan for better quality check –  which also includes the other activities that are appropriate to  the food.

The FSMA as the Food Safety Modernization Act USA will shift all our focus to the foodborne illnesses that are throughout the world. The rules that are presented in this act will throw great light on preventing those illnesses and performs specific actions that will point to the global supply chain. The main aim is to reduce the contamination in food and also to make things easier in accordance with the process of implementation.

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