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Why factory resets are not sufficient to save your personal data?

Responsible Recycling

Why factory resets are not sufficient to save your personal data?

One of the most vital steps for businesses is to keep your data safe in the internet era, where finks are active throughout the world to steal your data for their own purposes. It has also been noticed that one of the most critical steps in trading in mobile devices is to go through a factory reset. Most of the people think that the factory reset is meant from through data deletion. The factory reset is not proven the vital step to delete all your data from the mobile device at the time needed it. So if have not taken any necessary step in securing your data, you’ll have great threat of theft of your secret data. 

More than 17 million Americans were affected by identity theft in the year 2017 that was the result of ruin the $17 Billion USD. You may also become a victim even after managing the password properly avoiding suspicious links in different ways. So you need to make sure that the vendor to which you’re trading is R2 certified or working in any such company. 

 GQS Singapore provides R2 Certification services to companies and we’re providing our services in Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, and regions such as Kuala Lumpur & Batam Islands. 

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