ISO 28000, ISO 28001

Difference Between ISO 28000 & ISO 28001 Certification

ISO 28000 & ISO 28001 Certification

Supply chain security ISO 28000 experts with global experience in implementing in one of the largest warehouse in Asia and a ATM Cash handling company in the Gulf. Know the difference between ISO 28000 & ISO 28001 Certification.

Difference between ISO 28001 Certification and ISO 28000 Certification

For organisations, certification bodies, consultants and security agencies who have a doubt to understand the subtle nuances between ISO 28001 Certification and ISO 28000 Certification in Supply chain security, GQS becomes the first to help organisations implement ISO 28001 and ISO 28000 with complete support to understand the difference between each of these standards.

To outline a few interpretations, the ISO 28001 standard gives insight into Best practices to be followed by organisations including but not limited to Upstream and Downstream.

Statement of Applicability SOA
Requirement of a Security Declaration
Requirement of a Security control plan SCP
Implementation of Crisis management
Implementation of Business continuity
Implementation of Service continuity
Implementation of the Security control plan

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