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As years pass by, you might’ve even started to accumulate an assortment of old gadgets that you at this point don’t utilize. Maybe your old iPhone is for some time forgotten in the cabinet, while the camera you purchased ten years prior hasn’t been contacted in years because of the ceaseless new model deliveries and the restricted life expectancy of most gadgets, the vast majority of us likely have one or more electronic items we at this point don’t require in our home.

Rather than allowing your old devices to assemble dust, we’re telling you every one of the spots you can reuse and discard gadgets in Hong Kong. Global quality services help you to make the processes easier as we are the leading R2 Responsible recycling consultancy certification in Singapore.


Gadgets are regularly physically dismantled and grouped to its segment parts prior to being moved to recyclers for preparing. Cell phone parts, for example, lithium Ion can be separated to make new batteries, while metals and valuable metals from cameras and radios can be utilized to fabricate new items later on.

*PC and Communication Products Recycling Program

The Computer and Communication Products Recycling Program (CCRP) under the Environmental Protection Department assists residents with reusing utilized PC gear and correspondence items like PCs, workstations, screens, printers, scanners, cell phones, switches and sky are limit from there.

With more than 1,600 lodging domains and structures partaking under the CCRP program, just as 14 assigned public assortment focuses, you can even demand for a complimentary beef get assortment administration in the event that you have in excess of five bits of PC hardware.

*Caritas computer workshop

Working close by the public authority’s Computer Recycle Program, Caritas Computer Workshop furnishes Hong Konger’s with a spot to reuse their PC gear. Subsequent to gathering the reused gadgets, the workshop will figure out the items to decide if it very well may be upcycled and given to individuals out of luck, or dismantled and reused for parts. Fill in the online gift structure with your contact and gift subtleties and Caritas will reach you for assortment subtleties in 3-5 weeks.


From batteries, chargers, earphones and USB links, Three Hong Kong has put reusing confines chosen branches to urge individuals to reuse undesirable handset and handset adornments under their Recycling of Handsets and Accessories program. The things will be gathered at that point passed to the Environmental Protection Department and other green gatherings to advance ecological mindfulness.


*Give electronics to NGOs

NGOs, for example, Crossroads Foundation, Happy Shop, Mother’s Choice and Hong Kong Salvation Army all acknowledge gifts for electrical machines like PCs, cameras and the sky are the limit from there. Giving your old hardware a subsequent life, the gifts are either given to people out of luck or offered available to be purchased at different areas.

*Pass them down to friends and family

Presently don’t require your contraption? Possibly somebody in your circle may search for innovative approaches to upcycle your old hardware, for example, passing an old Apple watch to the little ones with Apple’s new Family Setup.

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