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PT The Ewaste Recycler Jakarta first in 2024 R2 Certified

PT The Ewaste Recycler Jakarta first in 2024 to be R2 Certified. PT Ewaste recycling company was the newest in Jakarta in 2024 to be certified to R2 Version 3 by an American agency ANAB Approved. The facility has its  its state of art technology and infrastructure to test, repair IT assets and recycle Circuit boards to extract precious metals.

The R2 Responsible recycling standard implementation process was kick started when the facility showed lot of enthusiasm in embarking to this tough initiative.

GQS Singapore supported the facility in implementing all the requirements related to recycling, repair and testing of IT assets such as MacBooks, Dell Desktops, HP laptops, Lenovo laptops, ASUS laptops, iPhones. The following steps were planned to be implemented

  1. Downstream vendor audits
  2. Compliance verification at vendors premises
  3. Technical evaluation of vendors processes
  4. Technical valuation and validation of Data integrity post sanitisation
  5. Security during handling, storage and disposal of data containing drives
  6. Writing process documentation.

GQS Singapore took roughly about 4 months to implement all of the requirements followed by a second party audit to ensure that the facility is ready to be certified to R2. The facility passed the audit successfully in December and was issued the coveted R2 Version 3 certificate in 2024 by an ANAB accredited body.

Do you wish to apply for R2 Version 3 certification by SERI approved consultant, contact [email protected] or [email protected]

Locations covered by GQS are Singapore, Philippines, Jakarta Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia.

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