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Casterly Singapore ITAD R2 Version 3 certified 2024

Casterly Pte Ltd speaks for Global Quality Services on supporting to achieve the coveted ISO 27001 Information security and R2 Responsible recycling standards in 2024.

“Casterly Pte Ltd, a leading ITAD facility in Singapore, to express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Shakti approved by SERI and Singapore Certified Management consultant SCMC from Global Quality Services Pte Ltd Singapore for his exceptional guidance and support in helping us achieve the R2 Responsible Recycling Standards Version 3, ISO 27001 standards.

The expertise and dedication shown by the consultant has been instrumental in elevating our facility to meet and exceed industry standards.

Your in-depth knowledge of the R2 standards, coupled with your commitment to excellence, ensured a seamless certification process. Your guidance not only enabled compliance but also streamlined our operations towards more sustainable and responsible IT asset disposition.

We highly recommend Mr. Shakti without hesitation for initiatives such as R2 & ISO Certifications. His professionalism, attention to detail, and comprehensive understanding of industry standards make him an invaluable asset for any organization seeking to enhance its environmental responsibility in IT asset management.

Thank you once again for your unwavering commitment to excellence. We look forward to continued collaboration and achieving new milestones with your expert guidance”


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