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GREENTEK R2 Version 3 CERTIFIED First in Asia Pacific

GREENTEK R2 Version 3 CERTIFIED First in Asia Pacific
GREENTEK becomes the first recycling facility in Asia Pacific for R2 Version 3 certification. 
The most exciting news of 2021 –
Greentec becomes the first in Asia Pacific to be certified to the New R2 Responsible recycling Version 3 Certification in Singapore
The certification was carried across all locations of the Recycling facility covering most of the compliance requirements stated. The facility being the first in Asia pacific becomes the only Recycling facility across Asia to Dismantle, Repair, Data wipe Hard drives across Asia pacific. The nature of recycling, dismantling, Downstream vendor qualification, Wiping, Compliance requirements has been unique although in line with the R2V3 standards due to the fact that the management of this recycling facility has the best in line resources and top notch commitment towards implementing R2 Responsible recycling standards in Kaki Bukit
E Stewardship version 4 also helps in implementing a lot of Business ethics, Quality requirements and Health / safety of employees. Recycling facilities can also choose to apply for E Stewardship through our company. We have the experience of implementing E Stewardship across various recycling facilities in Asia pacific too.
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