R2 Responsible recycling

Why the importance of R2 – Responsible Recycling is increasing?

Why the importance of R2 SERI – Responsible Recycling is increasing?

Due to the increasing amount of waste all around the world, 40 million waste generates every year and some countries are not taking responsibility for the management of waste as they should. So the consumers and corporations are increasingly conscious and concerned about recycling for the protection of the environment.

Hence, the Responsible Recycling – R2 is increasingly becoming important which is deemed as the significant latest tool to address such an important issue. Responsible Recycling is evolved by the group of recycling stakeholders and promoted by EPA and the R2 accreditation model is a collection of voluntary principles and guidelines intended to support responsible practices. Responsible Recycling has a need to implement a management system that will solely rely on practicing which would affect the health, security, and safety of an operator both domestically and globally.

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