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What are the needs to be R2 certified?

R2 certification is not only needed for a few proposed and due to the huge scope, But Responsible Recycling Certification is used for various purposes. Environmental, health, and safety management system is the main reason, where R2:2013 electronics recycler shall hold to design and control its environmental, health, and safety applications. Due to the legal requirements, an R2:2013 electronics recycler shall follow every environmental, health, safety and data security legal requirements. Moreover, it’ll also keep business records adequate to document the progress of tools, components, and materials that pass through its ability.

GQS Singapore will provide R2 Certification assistance to companies in countries like Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, and regions such as Kuala Lumpur and Batam Islands

Located in Manila, Calamba, Laguna Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Batam Islands Indonesia, Penang Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, and Yangon Myanmar and looking for R2 SERI License, R2 SERI Registration You can just send us an email on ID; [email protected] where we’ll contact with professional support. 

We help our clients in SPRING Grant and if you want to check the feasibility of your project, we’ll also be available.

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