ISO 22301, R2 Responsible recycling

What is the meaning of Electronics Recycling other than to manage the Solid Waste?

Most of the companies are playing a vital role in the contribution of sustainable and circular market initiatives aiming to preserve the green environment. Hence, such steps will also be helping the companies to perform their endeavors in the corporate sustainability records lastly. e-Recycling is becoming continuously important for the companies and most of the companies have also started embracing it taking the e-waste recycling precariously.  

Maintaining a reputation of the brand is greatly important for the companies where e-waste disposal can affect it immensely. From a security point of view, a bad recycler dumps company-owned tool can put the risk of data disaster. A breach of the data may also cause to become a reason for distrust in consumers or clients. For the environment, if the equipment is not disposed of properly, it is traced back to a business that will also send the report of contributing an issue of global e-waste dumping. 

GQS Singapore helps companies in performing Electronics Recycling greatly focusing on the hazardous problem of electronic waste in the world. Our services are provided in countries like Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, and regions such as Kuala Lumpur and Batam Islands

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