Supplier Qualification program

Supplier Qualification Program SQP certification consultancy

What is SQP ?

What is SQP ?

Supplier Qualification program is an extensive 450 questionnaire developed by third party SQP certification agency. Suppliers who are in Garments, Footwear, Household, Toy manufacturing. SQP audits can be conducted by approved SQP certification and inspection agency in 2 different types of Onstie audit which are Full audit and Quick scan.

The SQP Standards covers the following areas:
1. Management Commitment and Continual Improvement
2. Risk Management Systems where Risks based on ISO 31000 are carried out. Risks are mitigated in line with the Management and regulatory requirements.
3. Quality Management Systems in line with ISO 9001 requirements with special emphasis on Traceability, Product quality, Supplier performance, Customer handling process.
4. Site and Facilities Management (Environment, Health and Safety)
5. Product Control (Incoming QC, Process QC, Final QC)
6. Product Testing and Product Claims. Product claims also include returns and recalls.
7. Process Control (Garments, Household, Toys and Footwear)
8. Personnel Training and Competency (Awareness on product and customer requirements)

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