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Mansor Ltd starts PCI DSS Certification in Singapore


“Remain protected and be PCI DSS compliant”

GQS a SCMC Singapore certified management consultant has forever been providing the best quality services for businesses from one side of the planet to the other, and it’s predictable great efforts makes it much more significant for numerous businesses.

This time its KGS Singapore located in Tuas signs up with GQS for PCI DSS certification.

Quickly track your PCI certification with a straightforward integration to remove all delicate card information from your environment.

Leverage Global Quality Services (GQS) modern APIs and SDKs to rapidly make ready and effectively extend to protect extra PII information. As a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) organization registered with PCI DSS Standards Security Council (SSC) and empanelled by CERT-In, GQS work with start to finish PCI reviews, certification and training for organizations to become PCI DSS consistent.

GQS Centres around top to bottom evaluation and examination of client’s card holder information environment to recognize holes opposite the 12 security requirements commanded by PCI DSS standards security chamber. This serves as a baseline to have the option to prepare for the consistence review and accomplish certification. Review of mandatory arrangement and procedures to determine proper PCI coverage, accompanying consulting is provided. This is trailed by ASV scanning which shows quarterly external vulnerability examines for your business. For certification on location reviews carried out by a certified security assessor (QSA), ROC, AOC and direction on SAQ.

It’s an important certification as fraud and data fraud are on the rise, affecting both large and little organizations. The reality of an information breach isn’t simply detrimental to your business it influences your customers too. Getting consistent with the PCI DSS won’t just assistance reducing the expense by helping to prevent information breaches, yet additionally will result in the prevention of fines.

Benefits you receive when you get your certification from Global Quality Services (GQS):

  • Security improvement – PCI consistent organizations are more liable to effectively resist a card holder information breach fundamentally than the ones who don’t conform to the standard.
  • Improve customer relationship – by implementing PCI DSS controls and increasing the certainty of your customers as they see you as an organization that has strong responsibility towards information protection. This upgrades your reputation and furthermore supports your brand picture which is a vital differentiator in the present cutthroat market.
  • Increase profit – by gaining the trust of your customers and improving customer dependability.
  • Stay away from expensive fines – by reducing the risk of information breach and the probability of receiving a fine. Moreover, organizations can likewise keep away from enormous investment expenses and loss of customer certainty.
  • Increase versatility – through PCI DSS certification, which prepares your business to consent to future regulations. You can likewise distinguish ways of improving the IT infrastructure of your business, in this manner increasing productivity.


If you are fully compliant with PCI requirement 6.6, you can be configured easily and it will be ready to use within minutes.

The web application firewall (WAF) will inspect all the incoming traffic and extracts out the suspicious attack…!

Connect with Global Quality Services (GQS) and take a step forward to receive the best grade and quality certifications for the betterment of your own business or brand….!

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