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Bulk sale of Apple phones, MacBook, Windows laptops with Sanitized drives IN SINGAPORE, MALAYSIA, PHILIPPINES, AUSTRALIA

BULK SALE in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Australia

Bulk sale of Apple phones, MacBook, Windows laptops with Sanitized drives and graded products for sale..!!!

Reusing an Apple iPad or even MacBook’s is however simple in Ang Mo Kio as it equally beneficial for the betterment of the planet in whole. When you are satisfied on using the gadget, you think it may be of no further use. Whereas it has more to offer to the environment. We’ll assist you with reusing it free of charge. In this way, we can save valuable materials and take less from the planet and we the Global quality services (GQS) as the leading consulting firms in Singapore help you in merger and acquisition of Electronic recyclers in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Korea, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia.

In countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, the number or active users of iPad and MacBook’s are subsequently more as compared to other nations. Thus, impacting to a larger extent when it comes to recycling of these gadgets in Tuas View Square. It would rightful to give back to the environment in a fruitful way than to make a waste out of this gadget thus harming the society and the planet. Global quality services have the expertise in the brokering sale and purchase of electronic products.


1.Back up your gadget.

Try not to lose your information. Back up your Apple gadget so your substance and settings stay with you, even after you hand off your gadget.

2.Erase the information from your gadget.

Before you turn in your gadget, eliminate your own data. This information has a place with you and nobody else.

3.Ship your gadget.

Bundle your gadget and boat it with the mark given by our reusing accomplice.

Apple today reported a significant extension of its reusing programs, quadrupling the quantity of areas various nations including Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine’s clients, who send their iPad and MacBook’s to be dismantled by Daisy, its reusing robot. Daisy will dismantle and reuse select utilized iPad and MacBook’s, and refurbish them and sell it in the market to a new user. We serve as the best in the brokering sale of products such as boards, nand chips, lithium ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries and so on.

Clients can likewise turn in their qualified gadgets to be reused at any Apple Store or through as a component of the Apple Trade In program.

Apple has got almost 1 million gadgets through Apple programs and every Daisy can dismantle 1.2 million gadgets each year. In 2020, the organization restored more than 8.8 million Apple gadgets and redirected in excess of 48,000 metric huge loads of electronic waste from landfills.


– How would I reuse Apple items?

Apple Trade In allows you to reuse any Apple gadget (counting gadgets from Apple-possessed brands) at any Apple Store and on free of charge. That incorporates your batteries and old electronic items just as free, on-request bundling reusing for our business, schooling, and institutional clients.

– Does Apple utilize reused materials?

Just as cutting edge. We’re focused on one day sourcing 100% reused and sustainable materials across the entirety of our items and bundling. Since making doesn’t need to mean taking from the planet.

– What happens to my gadget once I exchange it or reuse it?

At the point, when we get your gadget, our accomplices will completely review it. In the event that the gadget is in an acceptable working condition, it tends to be repaired so it can go on to another proprietor. In the event that it’s not good to go, it will be reused in an ecologically capable manner through one of our accomplices.

– What amount of time does the whole interaction require?

The whole exchange measure relies upon our exchange accomplices yet typically takes around half a month. However, the quicker you send in your gadget, the sooner your exchange will be assessed and handled.

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