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GQS: Pioneering Sustainable Business Practices with Eco Vadis Certification

GQS: Pioneering Sustainable Business Practices with Eco Vadis Certification

Sustainability has become a key focus for organizations across industriesin modern day rapidly evolving business landscape. As customers and stakeholders demand more transparency and ethical practices, businesses are demanding, ways to demonstrate their commitment to responsible sourcing and environmental performance. Global Quality Services (GQS), a leading organization is providing the services ofEcoVadis certification to help businesses benchmark and improve their sustainability performance.

Understanding EcoVadis Certification:

The certification process involves a comprehensive assessment of a company’s sustainability practices across various areas such as environmental performance, social responsibility, and corporate social responsibility. The criteria are divided into four key areas i.e. Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics&Sustainable Procurement.These criteria are analyzed, and companies are awarded a scorecard that reflects their performance.

Based on international sustainability standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), and ISO 26000, the assessment methodology of this certification is prepared.

The role of GQS in EcoVadis certification:

GQS, a leading provider of management system certifications, is now offering the Ecovadis certification to businesses looking to enhance their sustainability credentials.

With the comprehensive assessment methodology of EcoVadis certification, GQS with their expertise, guides companies through a detailed evaluation covering 21 sustainability criteria across four key themes:

  • In the term Environment, aspects like energy consumption, waste management, carbon footprint, and biodiversity efforts are included.
  • In terms of labor and Human Rights, assessment of aspects like policies and practices related to employee welfare, diversity, health and safety, and human rights are done.
  • In Ethics, anti-corruption measures, fair business practices, and transparency are evaluated.
  • In Sustainable Procurement, sustainability practices within the company’s supply chain are checked.

The certification process:

The certification process of EcoVadis starts with a comprehensive self-assessment questionnaire, tailored to the company’s industry, size, and geographic location, where the questionnaire covers various aspects of sustainability practices and requires supporting documentation to validate the responses.

EcoVadis experts analyze the information and compile a detailed scorecard after assessing the questionnaire. The scorecard holds insights into the company’s performance across the four key areas &includes specific strengths and improvement areas, later which can be used by the companies as feedback for future purposes.

Benefits of EcoVadis certification:

Firstly, this certification provides a competitive advantage by differentiating them from their competitors. With sustainability becoming increasingly important to customers and stakeholders, businesses with the Ecovadis certification can attract more environmentally-conscious customers and investors.

Moreover, the certification helps businesses manage their supply chain more effectively. By assessing the sustainability practices of suppliers and partners, business houses can identify potential risks and ensure responsible sourcing throughout their supply chain.

Additionally, the Ecovadis certification enhances a company’s reputation and credibility. With an increasing emphasis on sustainability and ethical practices, businesses with this certification are seen as leaders in their respective industries.


GQS’s Ecovadis certification provides businesses with a valuable opportunity to showcase their commitment to sustainability, responsible sourcing, and ethical practices. With sustainability becoming a key driver of success in the modern-day business landscape, the Ecovadis certification is an essential tool for businesses looking to excel in sustainable development and responsible business practices.

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