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When you ask anyone about their daily routine, they will say that they start their day at the gym and end it with great sleep. It is, however, up to the individual. But, as a point of attention, he or she is constantly promoting consistency for steady growth and peaceful living. And what does one need in order to maintain that consistency? My friends, you got it! “YUM” is the first clue!

Health and nutrition go hand in hand is the second clue. Time for the answers! For a consistent and peaceful life, all we need is food! I agree, but when I say food does it directly fall from the sky or do I fill it with my bottle from a lake? Either way, it does not make sense. As a source of energy, food serves as the fuel, and making it in a confined space is both an art and a complex process! In any case, where do we get our raw materials from and how can we ensure that they are not adulterated? Let’s shine a spotlight on our mothers. When purchasing vegetable products, she pays close attention to them ahead of time, but she overlooks packaged products.

The reason for this is “TRUST” and where does she earn this from? That’s where the Benefits of certifying a company with ISO 22000 kick in! Is there a reason why she is so afraid of going wrong in the kitchen? I think it is a universal fear. And yes, there is a reason! Because it halts the growth of congruent living and introduces plenty of discrepancies that aren’t appreciated! This is true for companies as well who produce food products and their sources. Companies need ISO certification to be able to guarantee their products and services are trustworthy, authentic, and of good quality. And when a company is certified with an ISO 22000 certificate it can reap a lot! Informally referred to as ISO, the International Organization for Standardization certifies that products made by companies are in line with the organization’s global standards for quality and safety. Great! But what is this 22000 all about? Perhaps you already understood from the above description!

ISO 22000 is an international standard that certifies food safety and assurance. HACCP and ISO 9001 are incorporated into it. This standard defines how an organization can demonstrate that it manages food safety hazards in order to provide safe food. The audits are performed by the members of ISO to ensure that product requirements match what is required by the market so it can earn certifications and benefits such as:

  • Taking decisions based on valid information.
  • Making prudent use of resources
  • Minimizing duplication.
  • Improved planning and fewer follow-ups.
  • Increased food safety.
  • Better brand reputation.

The business is thus developed, maintained, and continuously improved. In this way, the organization is accountable and puts itself on a ceaseless growth path.

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