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Xushen R2 Certificate Singapore

Xushen R2 Certification Singapore

Xushen established in the year 2018 is a recycling company located in Tuas Singapore.

The recycling plant mainly focusses on dismantling, materials recovery and downstream vendor management of Electronic wastes.

The job of documentation and consultancy was awarded to GQS Singapore approved by SERI as a consultant and TUV PSB certified as Singapore Certified Management consultant SCMC. To avail Grant of upto 80%, it is prudent for Singapore recyclers to apply for R2 from SCMC approved consultant.

Now Xushen being the certified R2v3 recycler in Singapore, they have the advantage with other competitors to procure e waste and carry out recycling in a responsible way. The task of recycling until the final end of life is the prime responsibility of Xushen in Singapore. Beyond Singapore, if Xushen ever exports focus material or non focus material, the plan for documenting them have to be approved.

All exportation of Focus material and Non focus formalities and legalities have to be ensured to be in compliance with Singapore laws.

Located in Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and Malaysia – Want to know more about R2V3 Downstream vendor management, Focus material and Non focus material and R2v3 Consultancy, documentation and R2 certification by SERI approved certification agency and consultant drop an email to [email protected]

R2 v3 Singapore

R2 v3 Singapore

XUSHEN ENTERPRISES PTE LTD established in the year 2018  has been in the line of recycling, dismantling of electronic wastes such as Computers, Desktops, Servers, TVs and many more.

With the decision to take our company to the next level of sustainability we decided to implement the Responsible recycling in line with the R2 Version 3 standards and made the right choice of selecting Global Quality Services.

During the process of consultancy  they gave a clear and precise framework on the R2 Version 3 certification and GQS team lead by Mr. Shaktidhar Nayak who is also approved as Singapore Certified Management System Consultant by TUV PSB, has shown keen interest to plan and implement all the requirements by integrating the ISO documents with the Global recycling standards.

The team was available at all times during the training and consultancy project and were easy to reach out and clarify any queries we had during the R2v3 implementation. They also extended their full support in closing the findings raised by the Third party assessment body from the United States.


We strongly recommend Mr. Shakti, approved by SERI Sustainable Environment Recycling International, for his professionalism and ability to meet our R2 certification targets on time without any cause for concern. We do not hesitate to recommend him to collaborate for R2 consultancy and training to achieve the certification and listing on the SERI portal.

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