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What is ODOO ?

What is Odoo

“A tool to implement your quality management processes”

ODOO is a term commonly heard as synonymous with management systems and certifications. The software has been in use in the field of business and revolves around accounting and analysis, gaining significant popularity on a global scale. It has proven to be successful ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software that focuses on supporting organizations to sort and manage numerous business activities like project management, accounting, and so on.

On a basic level, it is an open-source platform that allows users access to its source code, enabling them to use it, modify it, develop it, and distribute it with its original rights, thus ensuring that coders or programmers can manipulate it as per their requirements. Basically, it provides an extensive and comprehensive arena for numerous business processes while hosting many system applications.

“Attract and retain the quality of customers”

This ecosystem is readily accessible, available for anyone, and can be tailored to fit the user’s purposes. Its procurement from online sites is very user-friendly with a simple download and installation sequence that is almost instant given the go.

ODOO Singapore offers a Community Edition and Enterprise Edition, both versions having similarities to each other in providing guidance and support in creating comprehensive solutions but differing slightly in complexity and target functions. While the Community edition is more open and readily available for general use, Enterprise Edition provides an advanced version catering to more features regarding the available modules, technical support, and so on. With its complexity, this version has the potential for application at large-scale businesses and organizations, with a requirement of payment to set it up, unlike the Community version, which is free and more suitable for small or moderate firms.

Both editions offer very advantageous features and solutions to numerous strategic challenges on the business front.

With the progressive advancements in digital and business sectors and its co-dependence for a successful and stable venture, ODOO thus offers a bridging ‘platform’ enabling customizable, automated, and robust solutions and support for specific challenges.

Some of the notable features ODOO provides include: –

  • ODOO Integration – allows seamless integration that works harmoniously with the system
  • ODOO Customization – An Open-Source platform that allows for modification without endangering the system
  • ODOO Website Development – Options that cater to any multiple scales and complex features.
  • ODOO UI/UX Implementation – representing your brand value accurately through the UI/UX interface created by the ODOO designers.
  • ODOO Implementation – Ease of access and working with smooth results
  • ODOO Migration – seamless and steady migration of website ensuring no risks and intact systems/platforms/websites.
  • ODOO Module Development Services – support in creating distinctive and creative sites by tailoring existing modules or developing them to produce more advanced set ups
  • ODOO App Development Solution – provision to build your own custom ODOO App for business enables a more thorough experience and wider reach with development services.
  • ODOO Support and Maintenance – Support and maintenance of ODOO store/site with staff assistance 24/7

ODOO thus provides numerous advantageous features that tackle multiple business facets ensuring diverse benefits ranging from user-friendly systems to affordability and accessibility.

Global Quality Services will provide you the ODOO Certification in Singapore that you need for your organization and this will provide you the tools to help you understand customers’ current and future needs.

“Agree the changes to your quality process”

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