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How to Recycle Circuit Boards of Computer

How to Recycle Circuit Boards of Computer

How to Recycle Circuit Boards of Computer

Computer circuit boards are mandatory parts of all computer and these circuit boards come into all devices like televisions, smart phones, computer and laptops. The circuit boards contain precious metals like copper, silver, platinum and gold. The minerals also come into play in some boards.

When these devices end their lives, we throw them into lands where they leave toxic chemicals to contaminate environment. So, computer circuit board recycling is essential to recover valuable resources and to protect planet.

What is meant by Circuit Board Recycling?

Circuit board recycling requires recovering valuable components and metals. The circuit boards are found into the shop of every scrape dealer. Recycling requires dismantling of boards and separating them into specialized equipment’s. Moreover, precious materials like copper, silver and cadmium are extracted and repurposed through recycling process. It also helps in fulfilling the needs of the market which leads to reduce mining and conserving natural resources.

Why to Recycle Computer Circuit Boards?

A circuit board can be made up of glass fibers or plastics. These materials are valuable and can also harm environment. We need to dispose these materials of properly. A circuit board thrown in landfills can emit toxic chemicals like mercury, cadmium and lead to leach into ground water and soil. It reduces the productivity of the soil and also contaminates the ground water. Here are the health impacts it carries with it.

  1. Air Pollution

A circuit board is thrown in landfills and it incinerates. It releases toxic chemicals into air. Air pollution can cause health issues and respiratory problems.

  1. Water Pollution

When circuit boards are thrown into lands, they leave toxic chemicals that can seep into ground water and can contaminate the environment. It also seeps into water sources nearby and can be a great threat to aquatic life.

  1. Soil Pollution

A circuit board can emit toxic chemicals that can seep into soil, causing reduction in productivity. It becomes difficult for plants to grow and it is also a great threat to wildlife.

The Process of Recycling Circuit Boards

Recycling circuit boards can carry many steps. First of all collection and sorting of circuit boards from various natural sources like businesses, households and municipalities. Electronic devices are part of every office. So, all offices can be a great hub of circuit boards recycling.

Dismantling is carried after separating precious components from boards. The wires, plastic casing, metal frames and other components are dismantled from the circuit boards.

Shredding and grinding and then separation using different techniques are the processes carried to recycle circuit boards of computer, laptop, smart phones and other electronic devices. Recovery of valuable materials like gold, aluminum, copper and silver is continued. Refining of the precious material is cautiously taken to reduce of the chances of loss to minimum level.


Recycling computer circuit boards or other electronic devices is essential to reduce electronic waste around the globe. Recycling helps to make expired things reusable and secure natural resources. It assists in reducing mining of natural elements.

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