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Are Circuit Boards Recyclable ?

Are Circuit Boards Recyclable ?

Circuit boards are necessary parts of our computer, laptops, smart phones and other electronic devices. Whatever electronic gadget we use, it carries a circuit board. It means that we may have several circuit boards in our homes as we have a lot of electronic devices into our homes. Electronic devices may discontinue working at any time as any serial can break which leads to spoiling the item.

We all have more than one smart phone in our homes now-a-days. Our children also tend to use electronic devices. Unfortunately, they are careless about their usage and may spoil many devices. So, carelessness also adds a lot in e-waste and let us discuss it deeply, how to tackle such e-wastes.

Can you Recycle Circuit Boards?

Circuit boards are essential part of virtual gadgets and they help us to complete our tasks fast. If one of the gadgets does not work properly, we usually throw them into lands or in the garbage. Circuit boards are non-biodegradable products. It means that we are adding a lot of trash into our environment.

Circuit boards are recyclable and we can reuse them if we properly take them to the right person. The components of one electronic device can be used into another device by an expert technician.

Are Circuit Boards Hazardous Waste?

Circuit boards come up with materials like lead, mercury, silver, gold and lithium. These materials are harmful for environment as they release toxic chemicals. They also release gaseous compositions. You should not take them to throw into garbage or open areas. You must take them to the technician to reuse them if possible or take them to the person who disposes them of properly.

Are Old Circuit Boards Valuable?

Old circuit boards or computer, laptops, smart phones and other devices may carry gold, silver and other valuable materials in them. It carries special type of gold. When you take circuit boards to a specialized recycling center, they may accept them and pay you some money. E-waste can worth a lot and you may get $30 worth gold from one circuit board. So, you should know that old circuit boards are valuable and you can get money from them.

Amazing Ways to Reuse Old Circuit Boards

Circuit boards can worth handy. Rather than disposing of into lands or garbage bins, you can reuse them for other purposes. Here are some ways to reuse old circuit boards.

  • Stationary Holder

Circuit breakers are versatile and they have a lot of crafts and arts. We can make stationary holder from old circuit boards. It looks beautiful because of its intricate patterns.

You have to cut circuit breaker into 4 equal lengths and breadths. Attach all side of four parts with gum and you have made a stationary holder that appeals all.

  • Key Holder

Old circuit boards can be used as key holders but you have to cut them into sizeable patterns and made holes into them. In this way, you can make appealing key holders from old circuit boards.

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