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Protect your brand and drive your business impact with FSSC 24000 certification

FSSC 24000 certification in Singapore

Protect your brand and drive your business impact with FSSC 24000 certification

“Global Quality Services will work in a highly customer and solution oriented manner – with various social standards!”

With an extensive and open consultation with the global stakeholders, the FSSC 24000 scheme is developed. The FSSC 24000 certification in Singapore covers labor relationship, human rights, health and safety, work and business ethics and many other important aspects.

FSSC 24000 is the audit and certification scheme for social management systems and this incorporates the requirement of internationally recognized, independent standard PAS 24000. This Pas 24000 is the specification for social management systems that will involve the requirements for social performance.

Where can we apply this?

We can apply the FSSC 24000 scheme in the manufacturing and processing sector that includes food and non-food sectors too. It also includes the related service provision across the consumer goods industry and their related supply base industries.

The FSSC 24000 scheme aligns with the ISO management system approach and the ISO harmonized structure too. This certification majorly assists the organizations involving consumer goods industry to meet the social sustainability and performance requirements.

Is it really important to be aligned with the social management systems?

The ISO MS approach is considered to be important for any part of the scheme, as this helps the organizations to improve their management systems and thereby helps to protect their brand. You can drive your business impact and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and helps to create a better world.

The main reason to get aligned with the ISO is that – it will help you to create a structure, focus, and make continuous improvement in an organization.

Create a high performance business impact with FSSC 24000:

Through the FSSC 24000 scheme you can improvise your labor relationships, health and safety at work place, maintain ethics in your work and business, and also you can have a proper management system approach that leads to the resolution of continuous improvement on the social issues.

SSCI benchmarking:

The foundation from FSSC 24000 will create a benchmarking for the sustainable supply chain initiative (SSCI) in this year. This SSCI recognition will make you to build the client confidence and will lead to global acceptance amongst the SCCI principles, which may be similar to the FSSC 22000 scheme.

Who needs the FSSC 24000 accreditation?

If you are one of the organizations who is working closely with the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), then you need to have this certification in your portfolio. Also, you can have the customers who will use this certification to manage their supply chain. Within the ANAB management systems accreditation programs, the FSSC 24000 will serve as the base standard.

Requirements of FSSC 24000 certification:

You can take your step towards this certification by reflecting the requirements on it, and by preparing for the audits towards the certification. The requirements include:

1) PAS 24000:2022 with the requirements for a social management system
2) FSSC 24000 – This is an additional requirement

The PAS 24000 provides a common framework to manage requirements and communication across the supply chain and to continuously improve the system. This certification scheme offers social responsibility based on the management systems. The PAS 24000 defines the minimum requirements to ensure a basic social performance. FSSC 24000 adds specific requirements to ensure consistency and integrity and to guide and manage the certification programme.

Why Global Quality Services?

As per the scheme documents from FSSC 24000 in Singapore, it is developed to satisfy the need for an ISO based social management system and to trigger the process approach for PDCA cycle. It is also helpful to satisfy the SCCI based requirements, and to facilitate the continuous improvement too. The Global Quality Services will provide you the best auditing plans for this FSSC scheme and we will guide you throughout the process. You can also gain more details about the certification from us. Right from the goals of your FSSC certification to the evaluation and documentation of the internal audits, we will tailor as per your needs. The Global Quality Services will give you the best action plans to improvise on the certification needs.

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