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SOC 2 Type 1, Type 2 Attestation – A guide for your compliance

SOC 2 Type 1, Type 2 Attestation – A guide for your compliance

Nowadays, the cyber security threats are becoming highly complex and it is important that we need to address those issues using the AI powered tools that are in current trends. This can be made possible using the security operations center (SOC) to bring the strong cybersecurity controls into place. There is a team with the professional analysts, engineers and security specialists who are working on this specifically to protect an organization from cybersecurity attacks.

“Creating a culture of curiosity”

They must have a strong understanding about the SOC certification and how to deal against the threats in any organization. Basically, information security is the most important thing in any organization. SOC 1 and SOC 2  Type 1 and Type 2 is an auditing / attestation process that needs to be followed by a company to manage the data. This will help them to protect their information within the organization and also to maintain the privacy of their clients. Any business must be security-conscious, and if so, SOC 2 will be a minimal requirement for them as a SaaS provider.

Looking for a way to protect your data ?

As per the CPAs and AICPAs, the SOC defines specific criteria for managing the customer data. And there are five trust principles for accessing two-factor authentication, encryption, access controls, firewalls and many more. The trust principles include security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.  For every organization, the SOC reports are unique and you need to avail the best auditing organization to perform the same.

The SOC reports are of 2 types and the type 1 defines about the vendor’s system as in whether their design meets the trust principles or not. The type 2 talks about the operational effectiveness of the systems mentioned in type 1. So, if you want to avail for the SOC 2 certification, you need to reach out to external auditors. The best auditing organization will check on the trust principles that are mentioned above.

Protect your business today in this technology driven environment:

From security perspective, the security principle mentions about the protection of system resources and it takes care about all the unauthorized accesses coming in to the system. Some situations include removal of data, improperly disclosing any information, and in some instances where the installed softwares are misused. With the contract or SLA, the minimum acceptable performance level will be monitored.

It is also important to keep a track of the security threats that are coming to your business and you need to adapt to the latest ideologies to address them. May it be of any organization size, the SOC must be considered critical in this digitalized world – as in many of the organizations’ sensitive data are online in the cloud!

Why Global Quality Services ?

There cannot be a better option for securing your data – SOC 2, SOC 1, SOC 3 Type 1 and Type 2 compliance plays a major role in this arena. Global Quality Services will perform regular assessments for attestation by understanding the importance of the security breaches in any organization. We will ensure that each of the five principles is met as per the requirement and we ensure that the organization is SOC compliant. The compliance can be extended to a wide variety of services and we include the control objectives, supporting information technology, and the important business process control activities that are relevant to the organization.

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