ISO 22301, SS 540

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ISO 22301 bcms
ISO 22301 Certification Singapore, Jakarta, Manila

ISO 22301-2019 Certification Singapore, Jakarta, Manila


If you are looking for Free download of ISO 22301-2019 Standard in pdf, this is not the site ! The ISO 22301-2012 will soon change to ISO 22301-2019 by 2020.

This ISO 22301-2019 Business continuity consultancy can only help you to download the knowledge required to implement an effective ISO 22301-2019 BCMS in any kind of company, be it in Singapore, Jakarta, KL, Philippines but will also help you create a system with very low downtime and yet show-off your “Business as Usual” culture.

Writing manuals, procedures based on ISO 22301-2019, Conducting risk assessment based on ISO 31000, Writing Business continuity plan BCP, Managing Downtimes and Creating desktop exercises to reduce downtime, all this in ISO 22301-2019 certification can be applied in any organisation.

This not only helps in understanding your organisations preparedness but also helps you to plug certain gaps which can improve your resilience.

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