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10 Benefits of getting ISO 41001 Certification for Facility Management

ISO 41001 Certification for Facility Management

Facility managers face a lot of risks. They have a lot of things to do like managing technological developments, company policies, merging, and other functional problems.

Following are some of the problem every facilitating managers face:

Lack of budget: Even if the company needs a lot of spending on facility management, they give a very low budget for managing tasks.

Depreciating assets: They need to keep track of depreciating assets.

Managing functions with limited resources: They have to manage big tasks with the limited budget and resources.

Complying with all regulations: An organisation has a lot of compliance requirements and the facility managers have to comply with all.

Facility management is therefore an integral function that connects the whole organisation.

Getting your organisation certified on facility management is proof that your business has complied with all the new business standards.


  • Shows effectiveness and efficiency of an organization: The standards will help in improving effectiveness and efficiency by streamlining communication. It will also help in meeting the objectives of an organisation.
  • It makes you a fit for globally competitive environment: The structured framework by enabling facility management certification will be a milestone in the market.
  • Improves safety, health, and well-being of facility managers: These standards will help in streamlining workflow and communication of an organization thus improving safety and health of facility managers.
  • Cost benefits: By complying with standards, organization can bring in a structured framework that will help in implementing improved service and consistency.

GQS Consultancy Services:

Global Quality Services is a leading consulting company that has provided ISO Consultancy to a range of clients around the world. NABET and NRBPT QCI have accepted GQS as one of the first few consultants.

GQS Consultancy is the best consultancy for getting ISO 40001 facility management certification in the entire market, as our scope of facility management  certification covers all aspects of facility management like catering, communication, technology, marketing, and human resources.

GQS revitalizes processes through a one-of-a-kind consulting approach that covers the entire journey from implementation to ISO certification and beyond.

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