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TISAX Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX) consulting certification


TISAX Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX) consulting certification

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Now a days, the automotive industry is booming and there must be high standards throughout the planning, manufacturing process and in the product development process too. The standards must pass on the highly sensitive data in order to prevent the loss of data. There are a lot of highly sensitive information revolving among the suppliers and service providers in accordance with the information security requirements.


There are a lot of unnecessary efforts and expenses for the suppliers who are undergoing the same assessment several times.Now, there comes a new assessment and exchange mechanism to support the company recognition for the information security assessments in these automotive industries – TISAX (Trusted information security assessment exchange). The companies can share their ISA results online to enable themselves as a service provider who has completed this assessment. It is meant that the results of these assessments are valid for three years.

What you can do with TISAX ?

The companies with TISAX can use the platform to commission the accredited service providers in order to continue with the assessment. They can share the results of completed assessments with their peer participants and view their results as well. And the main motive to attain this TISAX label is that, there won’t be any duplication or multiple assessments, there will be more time and cost savings, and the companies gain trust on their brand.

An important note is that, these assessments will be performed by the best audit providers like Global Quality Services. After the assessments are done, you can keep track of your results at all times and that information can be exchanged and shared after prior approval.

Different types of TISAX assessment levels:

There are three different TISAX assessment levels as in level 1 for the standard suppliers who need to complete only the ISA questionnaire, and the level 2 for more complex suppliers wherein that must be approved by the audit provider. And finally the level 3 is provided to the suppliers who are handling the most sensitive information and those data will be handled by the audit provider based on their self-assessment.

Requirements of TISAX:

Initially the company needs to meet the requirement set out by the VDA ISA assessment catalogs and that consists of three modules: the first module starts with information security, prototype protection and the data protection. Mostly in every case, the information security module is the main module. The TISAX questionnaire will directly refer the ISO standards.

There is high security, transparency and a competitive arena with the TISAX standard and this represents the best safety level for all the companies dealing with highly confidential data. As the TISAX requirements combine all the industry and customer standards to reduce the effort and complexity to your company as a supplier. This became one of the most important goals of an organization and their divisions to be in compliant with the TISAX standards. But not the least, this became an important thing for a joint business relationship.

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