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A Circuit board is also known as a printed circuit board, it is a flat, rigid, flexible material made of fiberglass or plastic where electronic components are mounted on.

There are six different types of printed circuit board such as the single-sided, double-sided, multilayer, rigid, flex and not forgetting the rigid-flex printed circuit board. The most common type of printed circuit board is the single-sided. It has a single conductive copper layer above the substrate, the electrical components are soldered or placed on one side of the board and the entire etched circuit is visible on the other.

There are three main parts to any circuit, a conductive “path” such as the wire or printed etches on a circuit board, a” source” of electrical power, such as a battery or household wall outlets and finally a “load2 that needs electrical power to operate, such as a lamp.


Technology is now heavily incorporated in the everyday activities of people. Most of the gadgets in today’s world are dependent on technology, as we greatly depend on our devises, the devices we use depend heavily on their components and among those crucial components are the circuits.

The PCB is made up of conductive and non-conductive products to provide connection for different components like transistors, capacitors, and other components that allow the operation of a device. Another importance of the PCBs is its versatility. Different devices need different PCB material is easy to customize into any specifications which makes them versatile and fit to any type of industry where they are needed. In addition to that it can be tailored into any size and shape that its owner wants. Lastly electronic devises depend on PCBs since it holds other internal components together. Today there are priority systems on different chips like the OMAP (Open Multimedia Application Platform) for many mobile devices with different multimedia capabilities.


PCBs are commonly composed of fiberglass reinforced epoxy composites, electronic components and various additives. The most crucial step in recycling PCBs is to separate electronic components from the composites through removing or degrading organic materials. In addition, it is better to recycle the fiberglass and other materials like epoxy resin for further reuse. To date several recycling technologies using mechanical, chemical and thermal approaches have been used to extract useful material from old PCBs.

In traditional mechanical recycling methods, waste PCBs are selectively dismantled and crushed then physical separation using magnetism or electrostatic method is used to obtain various metal particles. The non-metallic fraction from waste PCBs could be added as fillers to fabricate high strength composites. Thermal and chemical recycling technologies can remove non-metallic materials (organic substrates or plastics) and obtain purified metals from metallic powders through pyrometallurgical or hydrometallurgical process. Therefore, these methods enjoy much higher efficiency and economical return. However, these methods typically require relatively high processing temperature (above 200 degrees) or higher pressure.

Although significant efforts have been invested, efficiently and environmentally friendly recycling PCBs remains an enormous challenge. To address this issue more research in ongoing and better results will be accomplished.

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