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HMR Philippines Starts R2 Version 3

HMR Philippines Starts R2 Version 3

What is R2 version 3 ?

The electronics business is continuously evolving, and our best practices and standards must develop to keep up. R2v3 integrates our knowledge obtained through auditing and implementing the R2 Standard for more than a decade, as well as changes in the electronics landscape, consumer needs, and the regulatory environment.In fact, many of the improvements in V3 are the result of consumer, industry, and public input. As a consequence, the R2 Standard is more powerful, better represents today’s industrial realities, and works even harder to safeguard data, people, and the planet while enhancing lives all around the world. R2 Certification in Jalan Mesin The issue of e-waste and its proper disposal is growing rapidly across the world. Across countries, many end-users have almost no knowledge of how to dispose of electronic trash, which mostly consists of outdated IT equipment such as circuit boards, cathode ray tubes, batteries, computer displays and terminals, old mobile phones, stereos, televisions, DVD players and so on. The majority of this techno-waste ends up in local landfills or is exported to nations with low living standards and labor costs. In most cases, garbage is either burned, dumped in landfills, or melted down.


According to international best practises, the company should first register for ISO 14001 (effective Environment Management System) and ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) certificates before acquiring the R2 version 3 certificate in Ang Mo Kio

  • As a first step, interested companies must fill out an application form with SERI (Sustainable Electronics Recycling International) in Singapore. The form would normally request basic corporate information as well as a point of contact for further conversation.
  • SERI will email the organization a License Agreement after the form has been completed and submitted. It is crucial to note that the R2v3 certification in Dhobi Ghaut is not awarded to people or companies at their personal address; thus, having an appropriate business license at a commercial location is the minimum condition for acquiring this certification.
  • Choose a SERI-approved certification organization to conduct the audit and award the certificate in this phase. SERI has certified in Singapore about seven recognized organizations to certify enterprises to R2:2-13. Typically, the first contract is for three years.
  • The registration process often includes undertaking a first internal examination of current systems, operating procedures, materials management, and other processes to confirm compliance with R2v3 Certification in Science Park It also entails undertaking gap analysis during internal audits and improving the system in accordance with established norms and regulations. At this point, many firms seek experienced and competent consultants to assist them with the certification process. Check for appropriate references, formal training that the consultant has completed, and if he is competent to assess data destruction protocols, among other things.
  • A stage one audit, or formal audit, is performed to check compliance with specified processes on a daily basis. The audit is carried out by the certifying organization, which inspects the facility and reviews pertinent papers.
  • After the first step of auditing, the interim report is prepared. It will list compliance and non-compliance with prescribed processes. In the event of a non conformance, the organization must take remedial action, and the auditor will check the supporting paperwork to ensure that the corrective actions are implemented.
  • The implementation audit, also known as the stage-two audit, is undertaken in which the auditor interviews department heads and other people and does a comprehensive site visit to confirm compliance.
  • In the event of non conformities, the organization must take remedial action.
  • When the auditor delivers the green light after completing the stage-two audit, the organization or recycler is said to have successfully completed both audits. The certification body will now grant the organization the R2:2013 certificate in Tuas View Square

Once approved, the facility may use the R2v3  logo on its website as well as other promotional and official papers. The first certificate is valid for three years and is subject to yearly surveillance audits and reviews. When the certification’s term time is set to expire, the organization must apply for renewal.


We are an e-waste recycling firm that provides a broad range of services. The purpose of Envirocycle is to ensure that no potentially damaging electronic equipment is disposed of in a landfill. It should instead be re-used or recycled through properly regulated and recognized processes. Envirocycle is the Philippines’ first full-service environmental processor of electronic trash, capable of handling almost all sorts of electronic waste streams.The DENR has accredited Envirocycle as a Treatment, Storage, and Disposal (TSD) facility capable of handling not only e-waste but also a wide range of other hazardous waste, such as CRTs, busted fluorescent lamps (BFLs), used lead-acid batteries (ULABs), ink toners and cartridges, used oil, contaminated containers, solder dross, solder paste, and more. Personnel participating in hazardous waste transportation are trained and certified by the DENR. The vans used by Envirocycle are DENR-registered hazardous waste transporters (TP4A-34-00250).

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