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The process of getting an ISO 27701 PIMS Certification Singapore

The process of getting an ISO 27701 PIMS Certification Singapore


This PIMS certification is a certification for a standard which includes Privacy Information Management System which provides organization the framework to manage and protect personal information effectively. This his verification is an extension of ISO 27001 which happens to the standard for information Security Management System. It differs from it in very many ways. This certification helps organizations show their commitment to data privacy and how serious they are to protecting personal information.

The process of getting an ISO 27701 PIMS Certification

Well, when you apply for something, there are requirements that you need to send for your application to be successful. For the certification of ISO 27701 PIMS is as the same. An organization must first inquire on the certification that are necessary and understand them. These should be in line with the standards guidelines. Secondly your organization is required to take a gap analysis to define areas that need improvement. Thirdly, an organization should develop the necessary and effective policies, documentations and procedures, according to the requirements to meet them effectively. The organization, in addition, can train its employees and make the aware of the data security involved in the organization. A regular audit and review are needed to ensure an organization maintains its prowess in data security according to the ISO27701 Certification in Singapore. Moreover, after the certification is gotten, maintenance should be carried out and improvements noted for the organization to be compliant to the ISO 27701 Certification.

Benefits of ISO 27701 PIMS Certification

With this certification, the ISO 27701 PIMS, an organization, has a lot of benefits. One of them includes risk management, Since ISO 27701pims helps you as an organization manage data, it prevents and lowers the chances of data breaching in your organization. Secondly, an organization has a competitive advantage amongst other organizations if it is ISO 27701 certified. Secondly, the organization demonstrates accountability and its proficiency in knowing the importance of data security. In addition, you give your clients clarity and reassurance thereby inheriting trust from them because the ISO 27701 Certification showcases your organization’s competency in data security. Moreover, you stand to gain a lot from the enhanced data privacy and the assurance of low privacy breaches occurring on information on clients, employees, and stakeholders. This certification also showcases of your organization’s readiness to comply with data regulations that keep your clients, stakeholders and employees secured.


The ISO 27701PIMS Certification enables an organization to have an upper hand with data security lowering the risks of data breaches. This helps it concur and be firm in taking data privacy seriously. Organization is made aware and give awareness to those that do not know. The competitive market is joined and that creates a relationship that is trustworthy between the client and the organization because of the ISO 27701 PIMS Certification. All in all, organizations are at a better had with this certification to also prevent them for paying fines when private information is breached. The ISO 27701 protects them since it manages their system.

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