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ISO 13485

Impressive and quality design of the product is vital in the manufacturing of the medical devices in the company. You should always comply with the regulatory requirements in case of product safety as well as risk control. The important element in a device manufacturing is a flawed product which will be a result to become a cause of death of patients or putting in danger. ISO 13485:2016 is the composition of precise directives in various aspects of the product development phase.

During the product development phase, ‘GQS Singapore’ assists organizations in identifying their goals, a project timeline and the allocation of resources as well. All these elements will ensure your medical device has been ISO 13485 verified according to the various international standards.

We at GQS Singapore always help clients of countries such as; Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc in making an absolute definition of using of inputs, product features as well as usability requirements. GQS also focuses on safety measures, regulatory requirements, cost studies, and risk control techniques. GQS experts assist companies in ISO 13485 Certification, ISO 13485 Consultant, ISO 13485 Consultancy in countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, and Bhutan. You can simply get in touch with us by dropping an email on [email protected].

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